This cheap but clearly contraindicated multi-needle timer fake watches

The movement of this movement in the remodeling of parts is larger than the standard 7751 calibre. After all, this movement needs to provide 8 practical functions through delicate machinery. I think the standard Shanghai 7751 calibre is the kind of movement that the calendar needs to be adjusted by the tool at 10 o'clock. I prefer to put it. This movement is called the moon phase 7751. Of course, there are a lot of related articles on the Internet. This movement is called 7751. Then I also follow the custom. This is called, this movement has an absolute taboo because of the large number of parts. That is, when the calendar is jumped, that is, the related functions of the watch are adjusted between 19 and 6 o'clock, which will cause the parts to be stuck and some functions to be missing. This is also a common problem with all mechanical timer replica watches.

After all, in the movement structure of the inch-inch gold. It is very difficult to create a perfect mechanical structure. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research on every part of the movement. Slow speed means slow realization. For most Chinese businessmen, Chinese companies It is absolutely intolerable.

But in any case, the absence of this movement is undoubtedly an amazing thing. The molder also used this movement to achieve the re-engraving of the replica Longines multi-needle series that could not be realized in the past. Ok, I believe that everyone here has a clear understanding of this movement fake watches . Simply put, this cheap but clearly contraindicated multi-needle chronograph fake watch has been completely compromised.